Theses and Assistant Positions

This page lists our current offerings for bachelor's and master's theses as well as open student research assistant positions. Besides, you can always ask us about further theses and positions. Usually, they are strongly connected to our current research interest which you can view at the Projects page. Furthermore, the pages of the scientific staff show their respective research topics.

Also, you can attend the weekly AG Databases to find out about interesting topics.

Entwurf und Implementierung von C-chain, einer Alternativen zu Blockchain

C-chain ist eine hocheffiziente Alternative zu Blockchain, die von Prof. Bayer entwickelt wurde. Für die Basistechnologie gibt es eine ausgereifte Implementierung als Android App. Diese soll im ersten Schritt auf iPhone/iOS portiert werden. Der Android Code steht dafür zur Verfügung.

Zusätzlich soll eine konkrete Anwendung prototypisch implementiert werden. Diese Anwendung steht noch nicht fest und kann nach dem Interesse von BearbeiterIn bestimmt werden. Prof. Bayer betreut diese Arbeit persönlich und intensiv mit wöchentlichen Besprechungen, bei Interesse bitte Email an

Contact Prof. Rudolf Bayer (
Type Bachelor's thesis, Master's thesis
Begin Sofort

Benchmark Evaluation TPC-E

The current state of the art benchmark for database systems (in research) is TPC-C. However, the TPC-C benchmark has already aged and does not fully exercise modern systems. A more up to date and realistic one is the TPC-E benchmark.

In this thesis you implement the TPC-E benchmark and evaluate the performance of various database systems using it. For this it will be required to learn about the database systems and how to tune them for this benchmark. The result should be an analysis of the benchmark, its requirements and the shortcomings of the tested systems.

Contact Alexander van Renen ( )
Type Bachelor's thesis, (Master's thesis), Guided research
Languages/Technologies SQL and C++

Non-volatile Memory Storage Engine

Non-volatile memory (NVM) is a promising upcoming storage technology (e.g., 3D XPoint), which combines the benefits of SSDs with those of DRAM: It offers close to DRAM latency and bandwidth, while being durable and denser. In addition, unlike the block based SSD interface, it offers byte addressability.

NVM will (likely) neither replace DRAM nor SSDs but exist as a new layer in the memory hierarchy. To fully exploit this system architecture, we are creating a database engine designed for NVM: HyMem. There are many interesting topics in this system:

  • Buffer management on three layers
  • Index structure optimization for NVM
  • Recovery on NVM
  • Memory fragmentation of variable sized pages
  • Performance evaluation
  • ...

I am looking for skilled students that are motivated to work on a research project and are able to work independently.

Contact Alexander van Renen ( )
Disclaimer These are not easy topics for a relaxed semester
Type Bachelor's thesis, Master's thesis, Guided research
Languages/Technologies Good C++ or at least one in which you are an ace programmer