On the Cost of Monitoring and Reorganization of Object Bases for Clustering

Carsten A. Gerlhof
Alfons Kemper
Guido Moerkotte
Clustering is one of the most effective means to enhance the performance of object base applications. Consequently, many proposals exist for algorithms computing good object placements depending on the application profile. However, in an effective object base reorganization tool the clustering algorithm is only one constituent. In this paper, we report on our object base reorganization tool that covers all stages of reorganizing the objects: the application profile is determined by a monitoring tool, the object placement is computed from the monitored access statistics utilizing a variety of clustering algorithms and, finally, the reorganization tool restructures the object base accordingly. The costs as well as the effectiveness of these tools is quantitatively evaluated on the basis of the OO1-benchmark.
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Carsten A. Gerlhof, 26.10.1995