Prefetch Support Relations in Object Bases

Carsten A. Gerlhof
Alfons Kemper
Proc. of the 6th Intl. Workshop on Persistent Object Systems (POS), pages 115-126,
Workshops in Computing Series (WICS),
Tarascon, Provence, September 1994, Springer-Verlag.
In this paper we devise and assess a method for optimizing the execution of encapsulated operations (possibly with side-effects) based on the precomputation of the page answer (i.e., the set of referenced pages). For (important) parameter combinations, (1) the page answer, (2) the reference frequency of pages, (3) and the ordering of the page answer according to the first reference of a page during the execution of an operation are stored in a so-called Prefetch Support Relation (PSR). The PSR is used for two purposes: determining ``good'' candidates for prefetching and for replacement decisions. We devise the algorithms for maintaining the PSR in a consistent state and demonstrate selected benchmark results to assess the viability of the approach.
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Carsten A. Gerlhof, 17.05.1994