Dual-Buffering Strategies in Object Bases

Alfons Kemper
Donald Kossmann
1993, Technical Report MIP-9309, Universität Passau
In this work, we devise and evaluate control strategies for combining two potentially powerful buffer management techniques in object bases:
  1. buffer pool segmentation with segment-specific replacement criteria and
  2. dual buffering consisting of copying objects from pages into object buffers.
We distinguish two dimensions for exerting control on the buffer pool:
  1. the copying time determines when objects are copied from their memory-resident home page and
  2. the relocation time determines the occasion on which a (copied) object is transferred back into its home page.
Along both dimensions, we distinguish an eager and a lazy strategy. Our extensive experimental results indicate that a lazy object copying combined with an eager relocation strategy is almost always superior and significantly outperforms page-based buffering in most applications.
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