12 June, 2018 As announced at the SIGMOD conference, we are pleased to congratulate the overall contest winner Quickstep (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and the runner-up vsb_ber0134 (Technical University of Ostrava). Thanks again for participating!
08 April, 2018 Today is the last day of the contest. Please make sure to update your READMEs properly. Make sure that you have added a brief description of your implementation! More information can be found here. Good luck for the last hours and thanks for participating!
31 March, 2018 The X-Large dataset is now available! Check it out by resubmitting your solutions.
Good luck! Happy Easter to everyone!
21 March, 2018 We have just released the large dataset. All exisiting submissions will show an initial time of 301 seconds. Resubmit your solutions to get a real time! Good luck!
14 March, 2018 We will probably release the large data set by the end of next week. For now, we have already created a new (larger) public dataset for local testing. You can download it here.
13 March, 2018 To give you a chance to compete directly against a state-of-the-art main memory database system, we now show TUM HyPer's runtime in the leaderboard. Of course, HyPer is excluded from the competition!
04 March, 2018 To give you an even quicker start into the contest, we have added a reference solution to the quickstart package. The runtime of the ReferenceSolution is shown in the leaderboard. Be faster! We have also disclosed some information about the task characteristics.
26 February, 2018 Team registration, the dashboard and the leaderboard are now available. Good Luck!
23 February, 2018 We have added a test harness to the quickstart package. This allows you to test your solution locally. To use the test harness run the "" script.
17 February, 2018 The 2018 ACM SIGMOD Programming Contest is now launched! The task description and a quick start package are available, while team registration will open in a few days.
05 February, 2018 The new contest page ist up. The task will be announced soon!

Contest Overview

Student teams from degree-granting institutions are invited to compete in the annual SIGMOD Programming Contest. [an error occurred while processing this directive] This year, the subject of the contest is join processing with challenges including cyclic join graphs, imbalanced relation sizes, and varying payload sizes and data distributions. The winning team will be awarded a prize of USD $7,000, and there will be an additional prize of USD $3,000 for the runner-up. Teams' submissions will be judged on their overall performance on a supplied workload. One member of each of the top 5 teams will receive a travel grant to attend the SIGMOD 2018 conference.

This year's contest is brought to you by the Database Systems Group of the Technical University of Munich.

Task Overview

[an error occurred while processing this directive] The task will be announced soon.

Important Dates

17 February, 2018 Contest requirements specification and test data available.
26 February, 2018 Team registration begins. Leaderboard available.
8 April 2018, 23:59 CEST (UTC+02:00) Final submission deadline.
13 April, 2018 Finalists notified.


Microsoft logo    Prize money is donated by Microsoft.


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