The finalists of the SIGMOD 2018 Programming Contest were selected after review and additional testing of the latest submissions from the leaderboard. Testing involved test cases from the leaderboard as well as additional test cases.

We would like to thank everyone who participated this year and congratulate the 5 finalists, who are listed here in alphabetical (not ranking) order:

Dataurus (University of Athens)

  • Belmpas Theofilos
  • Chalatsis Dimitrios
  • Gkini Orest
  • Kamaras Georgios
  • Michas Georgios
  • Svingos Christoforos
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FloMiGe (TU Ilmenau, University of Konstanz, EPFL)

  • Florian Wolf
  • Michael Brendle
  • Georgios Psaropoulos
Poster | Source

PaperCup (Hanyang University)

  • Jaeeun Kim
  • Hyeonseok Oh
  • Hyunsoo Cho
  • Kihwang Kim
Poster | Source

Quickstep (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Overall Winner (1st prize)

  • Jianqiao Zhu
  • Zuyu Zhang
  • Dylan Bacon
Poster | Source

vsb_ber0134 (Technical University of Ostrava – VŠB-TUO) Runner-Up (2nd prize)

  • Jakub Beránek
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One member of each of these five teams will receive a travel award to attend the SIGMOD conference in Houston, where we will announce the runner up and overall winner of the contest.


The leaderboard ranks the best submission of each team based on their performance in all tests. Only submissions that pass all available tests are considered for the leaderboard. Progress bars indicate how each submission fares in comparison with the other submissions on the leaderboard: the longest total runtime has an empty progress bar, while the fastest submission receives a full bar. The test sizes refer to the size of the input.

Rank Team Time in the Lead Small