Seminar - Modern Database Systems

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Meetings take place on Mondays (2pm-3pm) in 02.09.014


In this seminar, we study the challenges of modern database systems. We discuss the topic along papers very recent publications in different blocks:

  1. transaction processing
  2. locks
  3. sampling and statistics
  4. index strucutures


This seminar is geared towards the top students in database systems with a keen interest in developing database systems. A strong background in C++ is highly recommended.
  • Fundamentals of Databases (Grundlagen Datenbanken, GDB) or similar course.
  • Additional database implementation courses are highly recommended.


Dates and Deadlines

  • Preliminary discussion:
  • Secondary preliminary discussion:
  • Registration
  • During the semester
    • You have to present your paper and write your own 5 page paper about it/your work
    • Up to four students present their paper each week
    • Deadline for your report is 2 weeks after presenting your paper
    • Presentation will take place each Monday from 2pm to 4pm starting from June 20 in 02.09.014
  • Deadlines (based on your presenation date)
    • 4 weeks prior: General Structure
    • 1 week prior: Slides
    • presenation date: Presentation
    • 2 weeks later: Paper & Implementation

Topic List

Topic Student Date
Fast Serializable Multi-Version Concurrency Control for Main-Memory Database Systems A.C. 4/7
Cicada: Dependably Fast Multi-Core In-Memory Transactions V.V. 4/7
Speedy transactions in multicore in-memory databases Y.S. 4/7
Compilation in the Microsoft SQL Server Hekaton Engine Y.L. 4/7
HyPer: A hybrid OLTP\&OLAP main memory database system based on virtual memory snapshots A.A. 25/7
Tictoc: Time traveling optimistic concurrency control N.H. 18/7
Optimistic Lock Coupling: A Scalable and Efficient General-Purpose Synchronization Method J.K. 18/7
Scalable and robust latches for database systems F.F. 18/7
Optimal random sampling from distributed streams revisited A.V. 27/6
Concurrent online sampling for all, for free D.B 27/6
alpha to omega: the G(r)eek Alphabet of Sampling C.F. 27/6
Small Selectivities Matter: Lifting the Burden of Empty Samples tbd
Contention and Space Management in B-Trees N.G 11/7
The adaptive radix tree: ARTful indexing for main-memory databases J.F. 11/7
FSST: Fast Random Access String Compression C.N. 11/7
Implementing optimized VFS for PMEM in SQLite M.B. 20/6
Implementing and Testing Sub-Operator Interpreters V.B. 20/6
Benchmarking of Computational Storage Devices J.B. 20/6