Seminar: Techniques for implementing main memory database systems



In this seminar we deal with techniques for implementing main memory database systems.


  • lecture Fundamentals of Databases (IN0008) or similar course
  • Very good knowledge in data bases, good programming skills in C++


  • First organisational meeting to inform about and register for the seminar: Friday, July 12th, 9.00 a.m., room MI 02.09.014
  • Besides the seminar talk also an implementation of an aspect of a main memory database system in C++ has to be done


  1. Multi-Core Rechner / NUMA
  2. Column-Store / Row-Store / Hybrid Store
  3. Snapshotting / Schattenspeicher
  4. Kompilation von Anfrageplänen (versus Interpretation)
  5. Synchronisation: Lock-free versus 2PL
  6. Compaction
  7. Indexing: ART
  8. parallele Sort/Merge-Joins
  9. parallele Hash-Joins: Radix-Join versus globale HT
  10. HTM versus Latching
  11. Hierachien: Versionierung / Indexierung
  12. Bulk-Loading
  13. parallele verteilte Joins