Higher education systems in Europe and abroad (support elective)

The seminar is cancelled due to lack of interest!

Modul IN9027

In this seminar we will look at different higher education systems which teach IT. We will analyze the IT sector in different countries. Criteria include e.g. the companies involved in the country (local and global players), a market analysis of IT companies, the education in IT (universities and vocational education), research institutions and organizations for IT, current research topics in IT specific to the country. Students have to write a paper and present their results.

Only students who

  • finished a study abroad during an enrolment in a study program at the department of Informatics at the TUM or
  • international students in the Master Informatics with a nationality of a country outside of Europe and a bachelor degree from a university outside of Europe
can be admitted.

Please indicate

1. your exchange study abroad

  • your study program at TUM,
  • host university,
  • time frame,
  • which exchange program


  • your current semester in summer 2016,
  • your nationality,
  • your bachelor university,
  • work experience in the IT area after your bachelor degree in a country outside EU

Interested students should write an email to Angelika Reiser, reiser@in.tum.de, latest until July 10th, 2016.
We will inform you about your admission until end of July.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Michael Gerndt, Dr. Angelika Reiser
Assessment: Paper, talk (presentation), reviews, and continuous and active participation (contributions to the discussion)


  • The language of the seminar will be English.
  • Every speaker has to prepare a paper, a power point (or similar) presentation for his/her topic (schedule see moodle), and to review two papers from his/her fellow students.
  • A first draft of the paper must be ready until tbd.
  • The reviews of the two papers must be ready until tbd.
  • The final paper and the presentation must be ready and available latest at the date of the talk.
  • All deadlines are strict.
  • The duration of the talk will be 30 minutes.
  • There is a compulsory attendance for all talks!
Please contact Angelika Reiser in case of problems.