Datenbanksysteme und moderne CPU-Architekturen



  • This lecture covers the implementation of database systems, including how to leverage modern hardware architectures.
  • The lectures are held in English.
  • In the Exercises for this lecture, you will have the chance to build a tiny database system from scratch.

Post-Exam Review / Klausureinsicht

The Post-Exam Review ("Klausureinsicht") is on Thursday, 30 July 2015, from 3:00pm on in 02.11.058 FMI. Important: To participate, you need to register by sending an email to Viktor Leis by Wednesday, 29 July 2015, 5:00pm. You will be assigned a time slot via email.


  • Grundlagen der Informatik
  • Grundlagen Datenbanksysteme (GDB) (IN0008)


  • First Lecture: Tuesday, 14th April 2015
  • Lecture + Exercises: 2pm-5pm
  • Bonus: 75% required for the 0.3 grade bonus
  • Room: 02.09.014 (seminar-room)
  • Exam: The exam will be announced in TUMonline

Lecture Slides


  • Please read this page for some general notes on the programming assignments.
  • You should work on exercises in teams of two students.
  • There are two sets of homeworks: one for TUM Students and one for ENB Software Engineering Students
TUM StudentsENB Software Engineering StudentsDue DateResourcesComments
Assignment 1: External Sorting Assignment 1: External Sorting 21 April 2015, 09:00am Data generator download
Assignment 2: Buffer Manager Assignment 2: Buffer Manager 05 May 2015, 09:00am Buffer Manager Test download
Assignment 3: Schema + Slotted Pages Assignment 3: Schema + Slotted Pages 19 May 2015, 09:00am Slotted pages test skeleton, Record, Schema Parser, Schema Example
Assignment 4: B+Tree Assignment 4: B+Tree 02 June 2015, 09:00am B+Tree Test
Assignment 5: Operators Assignment 5: Operators 23 June 2015, 09:00am
Assignment 6: Parallel Hash Join Assignment 6: Parallel Hash Join 07 July 2015, 09:00am Hash Join Skeleton
(updated lookup interface): hashjoinskeleton.cpp
Optional Assignment 7: Code Generation Optional Assignment 7: Code Generation 14 July 2015, 09:00am Fibonacci Program: fibonacci.cpp Makefile


  • Theo Härder, Erhard Rahm. Datenbanksysteme: Konzepte und Techniken der Implementierung. Springer, Berlin; 2nd ed.
  • Hector Garcia-Molina, Jeff Ullman, Jennifer Widom. Database Systems: The Complete Book
  • D. E. Knuth. The Art of Computer Programming Volume III