Higher education systems in Europe and abroad (support elective)

Modul IN9027

A first meeting will take place on October 30th, 2014, 3.30 pm, room MI 01.04.058 (office of Prof. Gerndt). Here we will mainly agree on the schedule.

- January 22nd, 2015, 3.30 - 5 pm; room MI 01.06.011
Talks about University of Helsinki (Finland): talk and web page and UNAL Bogota (Columbia): web page
- January 29th, 2015, 3.30 - 5 pm; room MI 01.06.011

  • Speakers: Former exchange students (esp. Erasmus, TUMExchange) of the Department of Informatics
  • Audience: Everybody who is interested in an exchange or study abroad
Contact: Prof. Dr. Michael Gerndt, Dr. Angelika Reiser
Assessment: Talk (presentation), website, executive summary at the end of the semester: 2 pages (not more!) individual comparison of the presented countries / universities, and continuous and active participation (contributions to the discussion)


The language of the seminar will be English.
Every speaker has to prepare a web page and a power point (or similar) presentation. The web page informs about the country, special educational aspects, and the university attended. Here of special interest is e.g. information about the course catalog, semester dates, accomodation issues.
An outline of the web page and the presentation must be sent by email to Angelika Reiser two weeks prior to the scheduled talk.
The first complete version of the presentation must be sent by email to Angelika Reiser one week prior to the scheduled talk.
The web page must be ready and available latest at the date of the talk.
The executive summary must be ready latest at: February 28th, 2015 - skipped!
All deadlines are strict.
The duration of the talk will be 30 minutes including the presentation of the web page.

There is a compulsory attendance for all talks! Please contact Angelika Reiser in case of problems.

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