Database System Concepts for Non-Computer Scientist


This course will be held in English!


  • IN4714: Part of the modules BV470015 Geodatabases as well as BV300022 Spatial Databases and Visualization
  • Extent: The lecture has 2 weekly hours per semester and gives 2 credits (ECTS).
  • Content:
    • Database Design
    • Relational Data Model
    • Relational Query Language SQL
    • Data Integrity
    • Physisical Organization of the Data
    • Query Execution
    • Transaction Management
    • (Main Memory Databases, NoSQL Data Bases, Data Warehouses, etc.)


  • Always check TUM online for dates
  • Lecture: 16:45-18:15 in 0790, Hörsaal (0507.EG.790) starting 16th Oct.
  • Exam:
    The exam will be a closed book exam.
    There are three modules for which the database exam is used:
    • Stand alone (IN4714) for 2 ECTS (40 minutes)
    • In combination with Geodatabases (BV470015) for 3 ECTS (+20 minutes)
    • In combination with Spatial Databases and Visualization (BV300022) for 6 ECTS (+80 minutes)
    • Date and location: TBA



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